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About Bagel Boy

In 1994, Bagel Boy was established in Sioux Falls, South Dakota and a tradition was born. conan-preview.jpgMany questioned if this mid-sized, mid-western town was ready for, what some considered, "big-city, "ethnic-style-food," like New York style bagels.  The answer was a resounding "you betcha."

The city grew not just in population, but in its appetite for fresh baked bagels and custom blended cream cheese. A second Bagel Boy location opened its doors in 1996, on the east-side of town.

Bagels are not just for breakfast anymore! But, we do serve breakfast all day long. We offer a wide variety of bagel sandwiches, soups, salads, coffees, smoothies and treats to satisfy all your cravings for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or just a snack.

bill-cosby-preview.jpgWe are locally owned and NOT a franchise.  We cater to those "on the go" or those looking to "chill-lax" and dine-in.  Whatever the occasion, come join us and be part of the Bagel Boy tradition.

About the Owners

From "show biz" to "dough biz"

After thirteen years of working in "Show Business,"  Mike Dinsmore decided to leave Hollywood, get married and open a bagel store frampton-preview.jpgwith his new wife, Brenda. Having no prior "dough business" skills, he hired a "bagel consultant," who he met on his many travels.  "We skipped the honeymoon and went straight to "Bagel University," Mike says about his journey to up-state New York..

His first bagel store called, "Take Two Bagels," was located in Mike's hometown of Reading, Pennsylvania.

Six years later, they sold their business and headed west to Brenda's "neck of the woods," Sioux Falls.

They purchased Bagel Boy in 2000, started a family (a "bagel boy" and a "bagel girl,") and the rest is history.

When visiting us you will notice some of Mike's collection of television memorabilia from his days with NBC and ABC Television.  Mike first got his start as a production assistant on NBC's "The Cosby Show," in 1984.  He notes that one of his many duties, back then, was providing "bagels" to Mr. Cosby's dressing room.  In a bizarre twist of career fates, he again provided Mr. Cosby with bagels, in his dressing room, at the Washington Pavillion, some twenty years later during a performance here in Sioux Falls!